How to clean Soccer Cleats

How to clean Soccer Cleats

How do you clean Soccer Cleats?

The most effective way to clean your cleats is to keep it simple and follow basic cleaning rules. Our suggestion for cleaning your cleats: warm water, an old rag and brush, and just a little bit of patience.

Here are 5 easy steps to clean your cleats:

  1. Bang / Knock off any dried up dirt. Use dry brush on sole for any dry dirt.
  2. Remove the laces from both pairs. Wash laces separately.
  3. Using wet rag, wipe and clean the upper of each boot.
  4. Using a wet brush, clean the sole and studs of each boot.
  5. Stuff dry newspaper into each boot and let dry overnight.

Always make sure your footwear is dry before using again.

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The right & wrong

Cleaning footwear, much like clothing, depends heavily on the material used. For a breakdown of the different uppers, head over to our blog comparing the different kinds of uppers.

You can use something more aggressive on such as a toothbrush on the upper. If it is a synthetic upper, it can usually take more aggression. For leather, stick to a cloth or rag.

You can add soap to the warm water for synthetic uppers. Soap is not suggested for leather, soap may damage / dry the leather after cleaning. Warm water should remove dirt effectively.

Do not use scalding or boiling water. The high heat may cause separation to any glue used on the boot.

For the soleplate, most are made from plastic, soap can be used and a more aggressive brush can also be used.

White Cleats

White shoes will forever remain a tough issue to tackle. Every sporting store or footwear specialist will try and sell you their unique product for white footwear. Many work well, and many don't. 

The safest and often more reliable option remains the dishwasher soap and warm water. Baking soda, vinegar and bleach all have cleaning properties, but many strong products may remove other colors or adhesives on the boot and damage them long term.

Removing Odor

Much like the white shoe cleaner, every sporting store or footwear specialist will try and sell you their unique product for odor removal. Many work well, and many don't. 

The best course of action is to first try and prevent the odor. Ensure your footwear is always dry before use and not closed up in an odor filled bag. Every handful of uses, loosen up the laces and air the cleats outside overnight.

For removal, many odor sprays just mask the scent rather than remove it. Removing and washing your insole as well as your laces can be extremely useful. Baking soda inside the shoe overnight can also have benefits.