Comparing New Nike Phantom GX vs Phantom GT2 Soccer Cleats

Comparing New Nike Phantom GX vs Phantom GT2 Soccer Cleats

Are you looking for soccer cleats that offer superior comfort, maximum speed, and a sleek look? Look no further than the Nike Phantom GX, the new upgrade of the popular Phantom GT 2 shoe. As one of the freshest soccer cleats available on the market, this Nike soccer cleat – available in Pro FG, Academy MG and Jr Academy Dynamic Fit MG iterations – combines modern performance technology with classic design elements to give athletes of all levels a quality fit that caters to their needs and style. 

Dropped in January 2023 with the release of the Blast Pack, the new Phantom GX soccer cleats by Nike have been designed with the latest technology to deliver the best experience to soccer players. These cleats are the latest addition to the Phantom line and have replaced the Phantom GT model.

Join us as we explore what makes this soccer cleat stand out from its predecessor and find out if it’s worth your hard-earned money!

Design and Materials of the Phantom GX

The design of the new Nike Phantom GX soccer cleat is one of the most significant changes from the previous model. Indeed, Nike just reinvented the soccer cleat game with their brand-new Phantom GX Pro Dynamic Fit FG! Not only is it sleek, modern and secure thanks to Flyknit upper construction - but superior traction on firm ground surfaces makes sure you won't slip.

The Ghost Lace system allows for quick on/off without sacrificing a tight fit; plus an innovative carbon-fiber plate provides maximum speed & acceleration when it counts. Experience elite performance with Nike's latest must-have before your opponents do!

So in comparison to the Nike Phantom GT2 Dynamic Fit Elite FG – a top-of-the-line shoe from Nike – it's clear to see that the Phantom GX Pro offers a more innovative design. Specifically, the Flyknit upper and Ghost Lace system offer a more comfortable and customized fit, without compromising on performance.

Additionally, the Dynamic Fit collar offers increased support and stability, making it a more versatile option for soccer players who want to update their shoes or those who just hate laces! 

Understanding the Different Ranges of Nike Soccer Cleats

Nike offers three main ranges of soccer cleats: Elite, Pro, and Academy.

  • The Elite range is designed for the most advanced players and offers the highest level of performance and technology, such as carbon-fiber plates and Flyknit uppers.
  • The Pro range offers a good balance of performance and value, with a focus on comfort and stability.
  • The Academy range is designed for intermediate players and offers a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing performance.

All three ranges have different design elements and technologies to meet the unique needs and demands of different levels of players, which is reflected in the price of each one.

Benefit from Nike's Top Technology

With Phantom GX soccer cleats, you can enjoy the latest technology from Nike. Ghost Lace is a revolutionary system that allows players to get their perfect fit with one simple pull – no more fiddling around between plays! The new grip adds even greater control and stability on the field, helping you make sudden direction changes in an instant. The smooth upper and lack of center lacing provides a clean strike zone, so get ready for a game-changing performance and ball control!

In comparison to the Nike Phantom GT2 Dynamic Fit Elite FG, the Phantom GX Academy is designed specifically for use on mixed ground surfaces, with studs suited for both firm and soft ground. The Ghost Lace system and Flyknit upper offer improved comfort and customization, while the Dynamic Fit collar provides a nice and snug tight fit. Compared to its pro predecessor, the Academy cleat still offers a lightweight, responsive foam for maximum speed and agility, but at a fraction of the price.

Price of the Phantom GX's vs Phantom GT2

The new Phantom GX soccer cleats are all available at Premium Soccer, a top online soccer store in Canada. The price of the cleats is competitive compared to other top-end cleats in the market. Seeing as it is a part of the Pro line, the new Phantom GX is actually less expensive than the Elite Phantom GT model we have in store – all the more reason to stock up on a new pair today!

Depending on the model of your choice, the price of Phantom GX's at Premium Soccer, one of the top soccer stores in Canada, ranges from $210 to $70 CAD. Our Phantom GT2's on the other hand – available in a higher model range – go for $365 or $330 CAD. Availability may vary depending on the size and color, but at Premium Soccer we make sure to keep up with our customer's demands.

Buy the New Nike Phantom GX cleats at Premium Soccer

Whether you're looking to tear up the field in the new Nike Phantom GX Pro Dynamic Fit FG, Nike Phantom GX Academy Dynamic Fit MG or Nike Jr. Phantom GX Academy Dynamic Fit MG, it's undeniable that the latest addition to the Phantom range are the top shoe to cop this season.

While not in the same Pro range as the Nike Phantom GT2 Dynamic Fit Elite FG we sell at Premium Soccer, overall these new cleats present new innovations in terms of of design, technology, and performance that are sure to get you excited. From the additional Flyknit material to Ghost Lace system, these cleats a great choice for soccer players looking to freshen up their game at a more affordable price.

As always, if you're looking for the latest and greatest in soccer shoes, be sure to check out the Phantom GX and full collection of Nike soccer cleats at Premium Soccer, the top soccer store in Montreal and Canada.